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Faster and For More $$$

The I-35 Corridor from South Austin down past Buda, Kyle, and San Marcos is growing like gangbusters. Drive around a bit and you'll notice all of the new construction underway. These subdivisions, with all of their bells and whistles, are attracting a lot of buyers, buyers that would otherwise be looking at your home! But even so, resale homes are still selling. The key is to choose a Realtor® that can help you make sure that it is your home that they are buying. 

The decision you make as to who you choose to help you sell your home is more critical than ever!  The time when sticking a sign in your yard and putting a home on the MLS was enough is behind us.  It is a competitive market out there with fewer, pickier and more informed buyers. Look at the statistics…the numbers show that builders are selling homes. Often they are offering incentives such as paying the Buyer's closing costs and that's very appealing. The fact of the matter is that the Builders are your competitors. And if prices are in the same price ballpark, let's face it most Buyers will choose to go with new construction...unless your home has something the new home doesn't. And that's where we come in. We don't want to see your home sit on the market for days. Working as a team we will help you make sure your home standouts above the rest!


Getting a Current Market Analysis (CMA) on your home will give you a general idea of your home’s value. The CMA uses data from current listings/sales of homes similar in size, number of bedrooms, age, etc. It’s a good start, BUT it's not the whole picture nor does it give us a List Price.

To determine a List Price, we go beyond the CMA. We need to get inside. We consider additional things like; floorplan, condition, upgrades, curb appeal, and the general feeling of the home. We even factor how it will show up in photos after staging. We combine the objective with the intangibles.

We’d be happy to do a walkthrough at no cost or commitment on your part. Once we've seen your home, we can even offer suggestions as to what you can do to increase the value of your home before you put it on the market. Call us. What have you got to lose?


We know the Buyers start their home search online. So that’s where we put our focus. Our goal is to make your home POP on the internet. The Buyers are scanning through a lot of homes and we only have seconds to WOW them. We make those seconds count. How? With services such as STAGING and PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY, we make your home stand out. And we DON’T CHARGE EXTRA for those services! WE pay for them. Why? Because we don’t get paid until you do.

We don’t take listings unless we know we can sell them. We know the market and we know how to present homes. We want buyers to get EXCITED to see your home. Excited buyers act quicker and are willing to pay more money! Call us and let us tell you more about what sets us apart and how we've earned the name Adkor, because we truly are A Different Kind Of Realty!


What happens after you SELL YOUR HOME? Are you moving out of the area? OR are you Buying a larger or smaller home? You need to look at this carefully BEFORE you list your home. There's nothing worse than talking to a person who sold their home, only to find out they couldn't get a loan on their next home! We want to make sure this doesn't happen to you. We help you work through the numbers.

We also offer what we call our BUY UP (or BUY DOWN) program. We give you a discounted rate. But in the meantime, you can use this website as a resource. It's updated roughly every fifteen minutes with the latest listings on the entire Austin metroplex.You can search, save and share your results. You’ll get a feel of how the market is moving and what is happening with the prices. We can recommend a lender to help you work through some scenarios. We're there for you all the way!


The info on this website is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to questions you might have about selling your home. Your questions, your needs and your home are different than your neighbors. Likely your entire situation is different. We understand that and we work with you to help you meet YOUR goals. We know you want to get the top dollar for your home. So you need an agent who will go far beyond sticking a sign in your yard. We put our money where our mouth is before the deal is done in order to make sure the sale is made!

Call us with questions, or better yet, let's meet up for a cup of coffee, tea, wine or whatever floats your boat as they say. It's always free and no commitment. We'll go over the selling, and buying process if you'd like. We'll answer any questions you might have. Then...if you give us the honor of representing you...we'll get down to the business of selling your home!

We at Adkor Realty are one of only a handful of the Central Texas Area real estate agents that really go the extra mile to get you more money for your home. With tools such as Staging and Professional Photography, we make your home POP on the internet. AND these services are offered to you at no additional charge. That's right, we put our money where our mouth is and pay for these services out of our pocket Why? Because if we take your listing, that means we know we can sell it. And since we don't get paid until you do, we are more motivated than many agents to get your home sold!  

Don't leave money on the table. Know that your agent is doing everything he or she can to make your home stand out. Don't trust selling your home to someone who isn't willing to put some of their own money into the game to get your home sold, after all, your home is more than likely your most valuable asset!  

Most experts suggest that you interview 2-3 real estate agents before making your selection.  So please include us in the mix and find out why  Adkor truly is...A Different Kind Of Realty.

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