Are you tired of living in an apartment and wondering if you could find a home to rent? Or maybe you are new to the area and you want to check things out before you decide where to buy. Or maybe, like many of us, you simply aren't in a place yet where you can qualify for a loan. Leasing/or renting a home is an option. BUT there are a few hurdles and hoops you have to go through in the process. We've listed below how the process typically works and what the landlords or property managers will be looking for when they review your application. Review these qualifications before you proceed as it will save you both time and money..



PLEASE NOTE: While this database is updated daily, the homes you see for rent MIGHT no longer be available. A tenant might have already applied and been approved. The way to check is to look at the DETAIL of the home description. There is a field called STATUS. Here's the meaning of the letters:

  • A-the house is still available,
  • AC-an application has been received BUT they are in the review process. In this case, if your qualifications (e.g. rental history, income, credit score) are stellar and the landlord is choosing tenants based on the "BEST QUALIFIED", you MIGHT be able to bump the person whose application is under review.
  • P/PB indicates that an applicant has already been approved and more than likely the lease has been signed. In this case, the home is no longer available.

If you have found a home that is showing as available and you'd like to see it. Either give us a call or better yet complete the form below. We'll double-check and make sure the home is still available. Often we need to make appointments to show, some require as much as 24-hour notice. Also as much as we'd like to show you that home when you are sitting outside of it, or when you are in town today only, we aren't usually able to honor same-day appointments. We'll try to do our best to meet your schedule but sometimes it's not possible due to the fact we are already booked.   

If you haven't already we highly recommend that you read through  THE RENTING PROCESS. This will give you an idea of how the approval process works AND the qualifications the landlords/property management companies will be looking for when determining if they will approve you as a tenant. WE don't make the decision, each home listed has an owner or property manager who will be reviewing the applications, and while there are slight variations, the general qualifications in our guide will give you an idea of what to expect. If you have a unique situation or any other questions, you can fill out the form below or give us a call.

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