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Buying Your Forever Home

This time it can be all about you...or can it?

 The first question right off the bat is this: Is an age-restricted neighborhood a good fit for you?    

As I've entered my 60s I'm finding there is a funny thing about growing older. My interests and priorities are changing. While still an important part of my world, of course, the difference is that my kids aren't the basis of my life decisions any longer. This was never so apparent as when, out of the blue, I decided that my 2-story,3000 sq ft home was feeling too big. Though I thought that would be my last home, I got what my mom would call, "a burr under my saddle". I wanted a smaller place. I wanted to simplify my life. It was like nesting again. But where? I was faced with the decision you might be facing now. Where do you want to set down your roots?  The world is your oyster, this time you don't likely have to worry about the schools. 

Yet on the other hand, if you want this to be your last move, you might want to check out proximity to things like medical facilities. You might not need it now but 5-10-20 years down the road you might be glad one is nearby. Or maybe you want to be close to the grandkids, (or maybe you want to be close but not too close). Maybe you want to move somewhere that has a slower pace, or less traffic. Or maybe because you won't have to drive to work every day you don't mind being close to where the action is. The point is that you can decide what's important to you in what and where you buy. 

If you have a home to sell (we can help there too), you might be lucky enough to have a chunk of equity to put down on another home. If that's the case you have to decide how big is too big...how small is too small. Downsizing can be tough. Giving up family treasures knowing your kids don't have any interest in them makes it especially hard. But having a smaller home, with less stuff, sometimes can be a bit freeing. 

Just like with first time home buyers you need to decide what's important to you. Maybe you've done this a few times so you know how to get to the bottom line on what your needs are versus your wants.  If you want to be within a 15-minute drive of that precious grandchild of yours, we can set up a proximity search. Look at homes that are within a short distance from your grandchild. Or maybe you want to put your roots down in a community made up of people our age. There are several types. Some are simply age-restricted, eg no small kids living next door. While others, like Kissing Tree in San Marcos,  or Sun City in Georgetown, are so jammed packed with activities they have full-time activity directors. which is a better fit? 






Keep your objectives in mind throughout the process

The only difference between you and a first time home buyer is that you might be going into the process with your eyes wide open. If it's one thing our 'advanced years' have gotten us, it's the experience that comes with our age. You might not be quite as enamored by the granite because in one of your moves over the years you bought a home that turned out to be a money pit everything falling apart around you. So your experience taught you to look behind the obvious.  So whether you purchase a new or a resale, whether you purchase in an age restriction neighborhood or right down the street from an elementary school you want to volunteer in, the choices are yours to make.


Age-restricted neighborhoods/Over 55 communities 


If you are looking for an age-restricted neighborhood in the area, here's a list to get you started. Click on the links for homes for sale in these communities. 


Enclave Westpointe Village in New Braunfels

Heritage at Vizcaya in Round Rock

Heritage Oaks  in Georgetown 

Kissing Tree in San Marcos

Riverbend in Georgetown 

Scenic Hills in Schertz TX

Sun City in Georgetown 

Texas Traditional in Georgetown 

Tuscan Village in Lakeway

Village Riverbend in Georgetown 

Villas at Tuscan Village in Lakeway