When I started in real estate back in 2003 I could zip around from New Braunfels to Georgetown, to Lago Vista and down to Dripping Springs and back without it being a big deal. In fact I enjoyed showing people all of their options. And I still do the occasional 'preview trip' when someone really doesn't have to worry about the commute and they'd like to see the different areas and decide which feels like 'home'. But these 'preview trips' have gone from being the 'norm' to being the exception. Most people coming to the area have done homework before coming, or they have the address of where they are going to work so we'd work from there.  But if you need a preview trip give a yell and we'll help you out! 

So back to this website. We made the decision for the purpose of keeping the website current, we decided to go deeper than wider. That is we are going to provide more information on fewer cities. You can still do a database search on everything in the MLS system, but for added info like schools and such, we're going to focus what we are calling, "Our Featured Four". Three of the cities run right alongside the I-35 Corridor from South Austin to San Marcos and for our fourth, we've added Driftwood. It's a bit off the I-35 corridor, but not far and we love it!.

We'll be doing our best to keep the website updated (which is a challenge with all of the growth!) including information about the new communities, schools, parks, places of worship, hospitals etc. Don't think we don't still enjoy working in Round Rock and such, we're just not 'featuring it' from a city information standpoint on our website. The area is growing so fast we just can't keep up with it all. So if you need info for cities other than our featured four, give a yell and we'll help you out. 

Info on Schools, Buying, Selling, Renting and more 

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