Seriously...feel free to call...text...or email!

I will start off by saying...I grew up in a generation without cell phones. In fact, when we first moved to Indiana (I was 8) we couldn't get a phone line. When we did it was a party-line we shared with several neighbors. Mom had a strict time limit when we were on the phone so as not to upset the neighbors. So for me, it's still easier, and my 'go-to' way to talk to people. Ashley and Audrey on the other hand, seem to be most comfortable with texting. But no worries. we all adapt to whichever one YOU want. You call the shots. 

So feel free to call us: 512-449-6070

Text us:  512-787-1744

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PS You can blame the use of the terms: "whatever floats your boat"...and..."handy dandy"...on my Midwest upbringing. 

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