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With  a 'Servant's Heart' mentality where her Client's needs outweigh 'the deal', Celeste has successfully guided hundreds of clients buy and/or sell their homes. She knows there's a lot that goes into becoming someone's "GO TO" Realtor. Some of which can be taught, or learned from books and videos. Things like the rules of real estate, the market data, where the schools and shops are located, etc. But in her mind, being a truly successful and trusted Realtor comes from who you are, not what you know.

What you know is important, whether you are in real estate or any other business. You've got to know what you are doing. Celeste believes in education. With a BS degree in Marketing from Purdue, MSBA in Business from Indiana University, along with countless real estate, negotiation and marketing courses including most of the premier real estate designations, Celeste knows it's important to stay current. But in her many years first in the corporate world and then in real estate, she has come to see that in order to be truly successful, the 'what you know" pales in comparison to the 'who you are' as a 'person' question.

She's seen first hand that the 'who you are' question isn't something you can see by a person's degrees, designations, or even the number of deals a person has done. Instead it is about your work ethic, your integrity, whether you have a 'servant's heart'. Things you can't really be taught from a book. 'Who you are' goes beyond your business deals. The answer to 'who you are as a person' touches every aspect of your life.

Celeste admits that she used to think everyone had the same thought process, and values, but she has come to understand that is not at all the case. She's worked a lot of deals since getting her license in 2003, and she's seen agents who left money on the table for their clients because they didn't know the business side of the equation. They were good people, but not necessarily good agents. And she admits she has also seen too many deals where she didn't believe the agent acted in their client's interest. She is proud to say that she brings to every relationship and deal she works, a balanced blending of both. She's also proud to say that if you asked her past clients, realtors, lenders and title reps she's worked with, they would vouch for her professionalism and client care as well.  

The bottom line is this: Don't choose your realtor lightly. Interview several, get references, do your research. Find one that knows what they are doing. Find an agent you can trust and that you feel comfortable with. Buying or Selling a home is one of the largest investments you'll make in your lifetime, so work with someone you know will have your best interests at heart. 

If you want to know more about Celeste...check out Celeste Beyond the License Page.

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