There are a ton of home buying options when considering Austin and the I-35 south corridor. In fact, there are so many options that it can be overwhelming for some Buyers. This may likely be your greatest investment so you want to make sure you don't make a mistake. Right? So where do you begin? 

Right here!  It's our business to help people find a home and we love doing it. Whether it's your first home or the home you hope to retire in...or any home in between, we love the process. Here at Adkor we truly are A Different Kind Of Realty.  You are the center point of all of our decisions.  What is right for you

We'd love to meet with you, maybe talk over a coffee and answer questions you might have. If that's your style give us a call. OR if you're not ready for that step we understand that too. Spend some time on the's here for you. Either way here are a few tools to get you started. 



This website is updated every fifteen minutes with the latest listings on the entire Austin area. So if you have no idea whether you want to be north, south, east or west of Austin, you can keep your search wide open. You'll get listings from Georgetown down past San Marcos. But I'll warn you that this approach can be a bit overwhelming.

With a short phone call, or over a cup of coffee, we can ask a few pointed questions and make some suggestions as to areas that best suit both your needs and your budget. Feel free to use the search on this website to create your own searches. You can save them, share with friends or request more info. So if you're one of those people who want to be left alone, no worries. Just know that we're here and honestly, we'd be happy to help!


With all of today's technology, most Buyers will start their home search online. And that's great, but you might not have the time every day to check and see if any new homes in that subdivision you love, popped up overnight. We can help by providing you with almost instant email updates when a home meeting your criteria comes on the market. In a fast-moving market that might just be the thing between getting your perfect home...or not.

Let us do the work. We'll email the new listings meeting your criteria. You review them, and if any look interesting, give us a call. You can also use this website to create your own searches, save them and review the results later, share with friends or even request more information, all in a matter of a few keystrokes. Just let us know how we can help!


If this is your first home purchase you might be super excited, but you might be a bit (or a lot) stressed out about the process. Don't be! We LOVE working with First Time Homebuyers. Two of my daughters (i have four) bought their first homes in 2019 and found the process fun. Whether you are part of our family or not (and we treat all of our clients like family), We will do everything possible to make the experience an enjoyable one.

Call us (or email or text) and let's sit down over coffee, or tea, or whatever beverage works for you. We can walk you through the entire process if you'd like. And don't worry if you don't know what to ask. We'll be by your side from talking to lenders, writing an offer; getting inspections, all the way to signing on the dotted line and getting your keys. You're not alone. Ask about our First Time Homebuyers Rebate!


Are you thinking of building? For some, the idea of building a home is exciting. Yet for others, even the thought of having to make all those decisions freaks them out. Either way, we're here to help. We've done it dozens of times and, more importantly, we LOVE doing it. We can be an extra set of eyes and ears. We can ask questions (of you or the builder) that you never thought to ask and by doing so we might be able to help you avoid what can be costly mistakes or add that outlet in a spot that you use all the time!

We'll go to the design center and help you with selections if you'd like us to. We'll be as involved as you want us to be. And if you're out of state and want us to keep an eye on the process, take photos, etc, we can do that too! Don't forget to ask us about our New Construction Rebate!


When we started in real estate back in 2003 we could get from Kyle to Georgetown in a jiffy. But once the secret got out that the Austin Area is a great place to live, the masses headed our way and things changed. The downside...yucky traffic and increased prices. The that there are a TON more purchasing options.

We work with Buyers and Sellers across the ENTIRE area and we've included the searches for all the cities from Georgetown to San Marcos, but we decided for the purpose of keeping this website updated with area information, we'd go deeper into the four cities on the south side along the I-35 Corridor; Buda...Kyle...San Marcos...and a little off to the west, Driftwood! Use us as your real estate resource for living along the I-35 Corridor. Click here for information about schools, churches, restaurants, parks, etc.


Once you've chosen an agent (hopefully us) you'll need to talk to a lender. We have several we can recommend. Having a great lender on the team goes a long way to making the buying process run smoothly. If you have a special need, we can recommend a lender that's a good match. You need a Lender you can trust. Talking to a lender, in the beginning, is key because you want to know how much you qualify for AND what your payments will be. Just because you can qualify for xx amount, doesn't mean you want to pay the house payment that goes with it.

if you are new to owning a home or to Texas you might not be aware of property taxes. They will add several hundred dollars to your monthly house payment The point is that we want to make sure you know the whole picture BEFORE going forward. It's not as scary as it sounds and we'll be there through it all!


Speaking from the perspective of someone over 55 (a person who can be counted among those who are happy that cell phones and videos weren't around in the 70s), I am pleased to report that developers and builders alike have caught on to the fact that we're different than the generations before. We're not planning to ride quietly into the sunset (unless maybe on a Harley). We have interests and opinions and they better pay attention if they want our money. As a result, we're seeing 55+ neighborhoods popping up.

I love helping my contemporaries find the community and home that works for them. Many, like myself, are enjoying the fact that this time when we purchase my home we don't have to think about the kids, the schools or resale. Instead, we can do what we want. Check out a few of the 55+ community options in our area then give us a call. We'll check them out!


The info on this website is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to questions you might have about purchasing a home. Your questions and needs are different than the next guy. Just know that being informed and represented should be your first steps in considering to purchase. Call us with questions, or better yet, let's meet for a cup of coffee, tea, wine or whatever floats your boat as they say. It's always free and no commitment. We'll go over the process and we'll answer any questions you might have. Then...if you give us the honor of representing you...we'll get down to the business of finding your next home.

Whether it's your first home, or perhaps the home you hope to spend the rest of your life in, we'll be by your side from start to finish...and beyond if you'll let us. Buying a home is an exciting process. It's a new beginning! And we'd love to be a part of it!

If you'd like us to do some pre-work before we talk. Then feel free to give us some additional info about you and your needs and we can get to work on it. OR again feel free to call or shoot us an email. Whatever way works for you...just do contact us! 


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