Homefinder Program-

Be the 1st to know about new listings

If there is nothing on the market that is meeting your needs and you want to know the minute one comes up, then let us know what you're looking for and we'll create a search. This way technology is working for you even while you're sleeping. When a new listing comes up that meets your criteria, you can be notified within minutes of it going live. 

This can be crucial in a fast-moving market and you've set your heart on one particular neighborhood or price point. We can set the criterion to make sure we don't miss out and when one comes up we can get you in to see ASAP! Finding out about a house first can often mean the difference between getting the home...and not.

But don't worry if you are still overwhelmed with all of the options and don't have a clue what or where you want to end up. That's what we're here for and helping you is what we love to do! 

You can email us at Celeste@SoldByCeleste.com, or call us at 512-449-6070 and we'll get you started! Or if you'd prefer you can complete the following form giving us more information about what you are looking for we can start there. We work the way you want to work. 


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