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Posted by celeste messer on Friday, April 26th, 2019 at 9:30am.

Kissing Tree in San Marcos... Love at First Sight! 

As a realtor who has been in the business for over 15 years, I've seen the Austin corridor grow and I've seen a LOT of houses. I've seen realtors and builders come and go. I've seen new communities pop up with builders promising the moon (and usually not delivering to the hype). I've seen UP markets and I've seen DOWN markets. So what I'm saying is I've seen a lot. I don't consider myself to be cynical, but I will admit that I'm not usually too excited when I'm asked to visit yet another new community. I do it because it's part of my job, but I usually don't expect to be impressed. I'm happy to say that this time it was different. I was surprised...pleasantly surprised. 

Let me back up a bit to tell you what I'm talking about.  I have four daughters, two of whom are real estate agents. We work together as a team, the Adkor Group with Maxavenue.  So Audrey, my youngest, met a guy who was asking about a home she had for lease and they got talking about real estate in general. He mentioned he worked for a relatively new 55+ community in San Marcos called Kissing Tree and had she been there. When she told him 'no' he invited her to check it out. Kissing Tree is marketed as an Active Adult Living Community and since we often have people asking about alternatives to Sun City, she promised she would. Then she asked me if I'd like to ride with her.   

I came really, really close to saying no as I was busy at my desk but since KT was a 55+ community, and I knew that was a sorely needed market, I agreed it was worth the 25-minute drive to check it out. I am soooo glad I did.

From the minute we turned into the entrance that is only a minute or so from I35, we saw the 'oh so cool' stone bridge archways. The arches are done with stone and I honestly think it looks like a huge sculpture. We both knew this place might actually be different. I'll admit my realtor's heart was starting to beat a little faster.  We checked in with the guard (yes it's a gated community) and we were cheerfully waved in.  Rounding the corner we came upon what they call the 'Mix'. This is the social area with guest relations/welcome center and model homes. But there is so much more. We couldn't see it all but we quickly learned that "the Mix' is a social hub of the community. Here's where you'll find activities such as pickleball courts, bocce ball lanes, pools (they will have indoor and outdoor), the future fitness center, etc. And from what we found out, here's where there are a lot of social gatherings. 

But it was more than the activities. It was how everything looked and felt. Brookfield, who is the builder and developer, spent a ton of money making sure this place was well done and downright cool. (Being over 65 now I'm allowed to say 'cool'.) My daughter described the place as a hipster version of Sun City. Not sure if that would upset anyone but it worked for me. I took it as a good thing. So by the time we met with our New Home Counselor, Belinda Shuler, I was getting pretty darn excited.  Sure I wanted to know more about the community for my clients, but I was getting this feeling, one I've never had before, that maybe, just maybe this would be a place I might like to live.  I will admit that I was so interested that I forgot this appointment was my daughter's. Instead of letting her take the lead with the questions and being respectful of the fact she too is an agent, I am guilty of kind of stealing the appointment. I had a ton of questions, again, not just from a perspective of bringing potential buyers, but from a perspective of BEING one of those buyers. 

So I'll end this blog by saying that it was love at first sight. However like in any relationship there will be some time needed to get to know one another and see if the stars I'm seeing will still be there in a few months as I get to know a bit more about the community and its residents. But I've decided I liked it enough that I owed it to myself to learn more about what this unique community has to offer. I want to meet some of the residents, see more of the homes and discover if it's possible that I could make this community my home...

I'll keep you posted.  In the meantime of course, I'd love to introduce you to this unique community and show you around. Because maybe...just maybe...if you are looking for an Active Adult Community near Austin or San may have just found it. Call me at 512-787-1744 and let's go check it out! 

FYI...I'm serious about getting to know this place. So much so that I'm going to head back to KT tomorrow and check out the women's luncheon. Getting to know more about any new community is part of my job, but this time it's different. I'm going to be checking out the possibility of actually making this my future home. It takes my interest to a whole new level! Stay tuned and let's get to know more about the community together...who knows...maybe we'll be neighbors someday!



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