Meeting the Ladies of Kissing Tree | 55+ Community in San Marcos

Posted by Celeste Messer on Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 at 2:42pm.

First off it wasn't an open luncheon. Even the women of Kissing Tree had to RSVP (not sure if there was a cost to the residents or not), I felt lucky I could attend something like this so quickly to see how I felt about the residents of KT. Belinda Shuler, New Home Counselor extraordinaire, invited me. She was aware that I am straddling the line of "Realtor wanting to promote Kissing Tree", and "Future Resident". 

The luncheon was a fashion show sponsored by a great San Marcos boutique that has been around literally for decades (since 1966) called Trends and Traditions. It's a family-owned business so both mother and daughter were there. And since two of my daughters work with me, I totally appreciate the dynamic of that. In any case, the store opened in 1966 and to say that despite shopping centers like the huge outlet mall in San Marcos, the fact they still exist and thrive is a huge testament to their fashion taste.  I REALLY liked some of the clothes that were modeled. And I liked how they looked good on all shapes and sizes. They have some pretty cool stuff including neat artisan jewelry. (Neat and cool...allowable for a woman in her 60s to say...I'm embracing the 1960s and 1970 years). Anyway, The women of Trends and Traditions pride themselves on having unique things and they proved it with the fashion show. Several of the women of KT modeled the clothes and walked between tables letting us see the clothes up close and hear the descriptions, pricing etc.

The food was provided by Palmers Restaurant and it was chicken over rice with carrots as a side and dessert. Oh and I forgot to mention wine. I don't know if that was extra but Belinda gave it to me so Thanks to Belinda!!!. First off, I'm a vegan, have been coming up on three years now. So while I'm sure the chicken looked great, it wasn't for me. So if I went to other events like this, I've learned to bring some food with me just in case. In this situation I could tell the rice was apportioned to the chicken and if I wanted rice, I would have been taking someone else's rice. (Truth is I really would have loved an entire bowl of rice and carrots but I refrained). Instead, I just had carrots. They were good though but I ate again as soon as I got home. But that's on me, has nothing to do with KT. I'm just wondering if there are any other vegans living there. (I did check out the KT food truck for vegan options but I'll cover that in another blog.)

The luncheon was nice. I tend to be on the shyer side so these kind of 'new kid on the block' events are kind of difficult but I pushed through. The women at my table were the "models" of the event as it turned out and sooo sweet and inviting. Belinda made a point to introduce me and they were all absolutely loving their lives in Kissing Tree. I got to hear all of their activities. As it turned out all of the women at the table were retired so I had to ask since I would still be working, if any/many of the women living there still worked. They started naming quite a few people they knew who worked. While the names didn't mean anything to me of course, it was clear there were quite a few. So I could still meet a lot of women, be active with them, and still be working. 

I also had to ask about the age of the women community and if there were other single women in the community. (As I've gotten older I REALLY value women friends and they don't really come easy to me). Belinda wasn't at the table and I'm not sure if she would have been allowed to answer or not from a real estate perspective. I know as a realtor I'm not legally allowed to ask/tell my clients about demographics. But as a potential resident I was curious.  While the women didn't actually know the average age, they all guessed it was likely in early/mid-sixties.  

Bottom line it appears that I would find friends among this group of women at KT so I'll continue my 'research'.  Stay tuned. 


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