Ashley Messer


With almost 15 years of real estate experience under her belt and a 'Say it like I see it' approach to...well...just about everything, Ashley continues to guide her clients with their Buying, Selling and Leasing needs.  

As the oldest of the four 'Messer daughters', Ashley started working with her Celeste (her mom) in the early 2000s. If you had asked Ashley at the time if she wanted to make a career of it, she would have given an emphatic "NO!". She saw that the long hours her mom put in, and she admits she just "didn't get it", But things were about to change.

As business picked up Ashley decided to get her real estate license so she could help out a bit more, still with no plans on making real estate a full-time career. That was until her first closing...Here's how she describes it: "I can't even explain the satisfaction I felt from being able to help my clients (first-time home-buyers) purchase the home of their dreams. The looks on their faces when they got the keys to their home was priceless."

Finally, Ashley understood. This was why her mom worked such long hours and always went above and beyond the call of duty...This was the reward!! Seeing and feeling the gratitude for a job well done.

Areas of Expertise:

When it comes to working with leases Ashley works predominantly in the Kyle/ Buda areas. However, when it comes to helping clients Buy and Sell their homes or investment properties, she often can be found as far north as Georgetown and as far south as San Marcos..

A few years ago when asked her favorite client type, Ashley would have answered without hesitation; First Time Home Buyers! She always did, and still does,  "Love, Love, Love helping people find their very first home!" She finds their excitement contagious. She enjoys working with all her clients, but she admits that there is something about buying your very first home that stays with you.....kind of like a first love. But when asked recently what was her favorite client type was, she had to pause and think about it. in recent years Ashley has begun working with more and more investors, those looking to Buy, Sell or Lease single-family homes in the area. She admits while she still loves helping a person find that first home, there's also something rewarding about helping investors build a portfolio!. 

Ashley also has become quite the expert in the leasing market in the Kyle and Buda area. While she does NOT do property management, she does help match up Landlords with Tenants. and Tenants with Landlords, so if any questions on that, Ashley will be the one to ask! 


Cellphone: 512-644-6806


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