Updating the Kitchen

on a budget

I believe preparing a home for sale is a HUGE part of the selling process.  You can’t expect to get the highest price for your home unless you do a little work to get it ready.  It doesn’t always have to cost big bucks.  Let’s assume everyone knows that in order to sell a home you need to give it a good cleaning.  Then beyond that there are a few other things that don’t cost anything such as: de-cluttering and rearranging furniture.  These three items alone can make a huge difference in how a home shows and how the potential buyers feel about it. 


Sometimes however, a good cleaning is not enough.  In the case of a recent client he had a kitchen that was very outdated with wallpaper, yellow painted walls, an ‘odd’ light fixture and a PINK backsplash and counters.  Studies show that the kitchen is one of the key rooms that determine whether a buyer will buy a particular home or not, so money spent upgrading the kitchen is usually well worth it.  My client wanted my advice as to where he should focus his money to get the biggest bang for the buck.  So in the kitchen example below I recommended that we replace the Pink laminate with a ‘granite look’ laminate (the budget didn’t allow for real granite), and put up a nice a tile backsplash, repaint the walls with a nice upscale neutral …and voila…you can see the difference it made.  


So how did we get it done?  Now I can provide ideas, colors, samples etc all day long, but I cannot do the work.  That’s where  ETs Home Repair came in.  Everend Thorne the owner of ETs Home Repair brought his team in and made the magic happen.  Oh and did I mention, the home went under contract in 12 days!!!  Rainy cold January days as a matter a fact.  Our client was thrilled!. 


I frequently recommend ETs Home Repair to my clients.  Whether it’s an item on the ‘honey do’ list that just isn’t getting done, or an update/paint job like the one below OR even if you have a major renovation job, they can do it for you.  Everend has a great team, competitive prices and best of all they leave the space spotless when they leave.  So whether changing out a light fixture, repainting a house, or tearing down a wall, give Everend a call and see how he can help you out…and be sure to tell him Celeste and Ashley sent you.


Home preparation and staging CAN make all of the difference. 


                             BEFORE                                                       AFTER



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