Celeste Messer -behind the license

Before I got into real estate I was in Corporate America. But after 20+ years I had had enough. I wanted out, not because I wasn't successful because I was. I was an executive in a Fortune 500 company and back in the 90s I just crossed over the 6 figure salary mark. But I was miserable. So after over 2 decades in business, I opted out. I know it sounds overly dramatic to say this, and probably only someone else in a similar position would understand, but I felt it 'was killing me'. It wasn't an overnight decision obviously and it was a tough one as it impacted my family, but I felt I had to make the change. I'll admit that my husband of almost 30 years didn't really get it. Finally, I left, promising to find my 'true path'. 

I worked as a consultant in Venezuela a few years when we lived there, but I'm sorry to say my marriage collapsed and I found myself back in the states in a new city, a single woman with four daughters and no job. I didn't want to go back to a corporate job so I looked for options. One thing I knew a lot about was moving. In my 20+ years with GTE/Verizon I had moved a total of 13 times so I considered myself quite the expert During those 13 years I had good realtors and bad realtors and I saw the difference that the realtor made to how smoothly a move went. So I decided that I would get my real estate license. That was back in 2003 and I haven't looked back. 

I'm all about education so I got my license, my broker license, I have a bachelors in business, MBA, most of the real estate designations, etc etc, but real estate is about relationships. I'm good at what I do, but more importantly, I truly care about my clients and my clients know this. 

On the personal side I'll admit that up until 2017 I had no life outside of work and the kids. Most new agents start out building their business from their 'casual sphere of influence', you know, friends and family.  My family was spread out all over the country and I really didn't have any close friends that lived in the area since moved to Kyle back in 2002. I didn't go to church back then, didn't belong to a gym and really wasn't much of a mixer. So growing the business was tough...but I did it. Life was busy but it wasn't really full.  

Then to wrap this up...in 2014 I lost my dog, my mom, my sister, and my ex (the guy I was with for 30 years and who lived down the street co-parenting my kids) and my life turned upside down. By 2016 I decided I had to make some changes in my life. I assumed that would be physical/outward changes, you know hair and makeup, etc. I was 62 and feeling old. But an odd thing happened. Once I decided to make changes I guess I opened up a bit, I started going to church (a client guilted me into it. Didn't plan on staying but I did.), I also became a vegan. Then I started reading the Bible...then I became a born again Christian after 40 years of not attending church. I started a youtube channel called 'Find Your Purple' that is kind of my online diary of my journey.  Nowadays, my church (One Chapel ) has become the center of my social life. I can honestly say I feel a part of a church family for the first time in my life. I'm involved in a Healing Ministry called "Healing on the Streets" and I am in several small community groups. I found a peace that I have never had in my life. This is SOOOO not who I was a few years ago when I was heavy into New Age and considered myself 'spiritual and not religious'. I know why I was turned off of churches so I totally get that others are as well. But I guess you'd say when I made the decision to not go to church I was throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It's been an interesting journey to say the least but I wouldn't change it for the world. 

I guess that sums it up. I'm a full-time agent of 15+ years, I'm over 60 and more active than I've ever been. I love what I do. I love working with my daughters (two of the four are agents) and I love helping people find their first home and helping people find their last home. It's both ends of seasons of life and so exciting to be a part of. (And of course, I love helping everyone in between). So I'd love to help you buy or sell if you're in the market!!!!