The Buda Texas Community of Garlic Creek

Homes for Sale

Looking to buy a home in Buda Texas?  Thinking about purchasing a home in Garlic Creek?  Wondering what the real estate prices are in Garlic Creek?  For your convenience we are providing a breakdown of real estate prices for all of the Homes for Sale in Garlic Creek.  If you have a particular need or type of home you are looking for and you’d like to receive an ongoing search as soon as a home comes on the market that meets that criterion, call us and we’d be glad to set up a search for you.     Click here if you would prefer a list of all of the Homes for Sale in Buda, or click here if you’d want to check out Austin Homes for sale or Austin Real Estate.  And as always if you have questions or would like to set up an appointment to view a particular home, call us at 512-449-6070 or email us at  (Click here if you’d like a Buda subdivision map to give you a general idea of where most of these Buda subdivisions are in relationship to each other.)  Be sure to call us the next time you are looking to buy or sell a home, here are Adkor we truly are A Different Kind Of Realty.  (Hey…If we provide this kind of information to people we don't know...imagine the service we provide our clients!!  So call us...we'd love to be your Buda Realtor®!)




Can I lease a home in Buda Texas?


We are often asked about leases.  While the homes in Buda are predominantly owner-occupied, there are homes for lease in Buda as well.  Check here for a list of available Homes for Lease in Buda, or if you prefer you can click here for Homes for Lease in Austin.  If you’d prefer a home with more specific criterion, you can call us at 512-449-6070 and we’ll get a list right out to you.