Austin Area Private Schools Map

The map below shows the location of many of the Austin/San Marcos area Private Schools.  By clicking on the categorize markers tab to the right and you will get a list of the schools.  You can expand or contract by school type (those with lower level grades only, those with high school grades or those schools with both).   You can also move the map around to focus on any particular side of Austin, ie if interested in looking at the private schools in Wimberley, or San Marcos,  using your pointer 'grab' the map and move it (in this case up) so you can see the Buda, Kyle, Wimberley and San Marcos area. 

Click here for a listing of the Austin Area Private Schools noted on the map:  Austin Area Private Schools 

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The satellite view is also available but keep in mind it has not been updated in many areas. 

CommunityWalk Map - Austin Area Private Schools Map


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