Leasing an Apartment in Buda Texas

Sometimes when moving into a new town you want to lease before you buy.  We can help you.  Whether you are looking to rent a home or apartment in the Buda area...give us a call.  Click here to see the many homes for lease in Buda starting at about $900-1100/month. 

You'd rather lease an apartment in Buda?  Apartments have always been hard to come by in the Buda and Kyle area, but no more.  There's a great brand new complex off I35 on the south side of Buda south of Cabellas and minutes away from the new Seton Hospital Hays County and the new Kyle Target/Kohls complex.

The apartments opened their first phase in early 2009 and are still offering great deals to the new tenants.  The complex is top notch with a great lobby, computer area, fitness center, pool etc.  Each apartment comes equiped with refrigerator and a full size washer and dryer.  The living areas are hardwood floors and you'll be impressed when you see the models.  The complex has one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments ranging from $755/month for the smallest one bedroom to $1060 for the three bedroom.  They also will allow a 9 month lease if you are just wanting to 'get a fee' of the area before purchasing a home. 

Call us at 512-449-6070 or email us at info@adkor.net and we'll show you around and should you choose to move into the complex we'll give you a $50 Visa Gift card upon move in, along with all of the complex move in incentives.

Here's a few photos to give you an idea of what to expect in this top of the line facility.

leasing apartments in kyle texas