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We work with many out-of-state clients and one of the reasons people choose us is that we work all of Austin and surrounding areas.  That means we can show a client homes anywhere in Austin, but more importantly we can take you to see Cedar Park Real Estate, Round Rock Real Estate, Lakeway Real Estate, Dripping Springs Real Estate, Kyle Real Estate, Buda Real Estate…and…well…everywhere in between. 


When you’re new to the area this is important.  My clients don't want to work with several agents, they want an agent that knows all of the Austin and surrounding communities.  So that's where we come in...we can help them understand all of their options in the Austin area.  Many times it's overwhelming for someone new to the area to figure out all of their options and to compare one area, or neighborhood to another. 

To help with this we take them on what we call a “Preview Trip”  showing them the various parts of Austin that would work within their budget as we answer their questions regarding the city, the schools etc. 


We’ve done literally hundreds of “Preview Trips” and one of the communities that bubbles up to the top of almost everyone’s list is Steiner Ranch, especially if they have a family. 


This doesn’t surwebsite_steiner_ranch_pool_400prise me a bit.  From the moment I drive them down the Quinlan Parkway into Steiner Ranch and they see the rolling hills, beautiful open spaces, proximity to the lake and all of those lovely homes...they’re hooked.  When they discover that there are three schools within the boundaries of Steiner Ranch and all three are rated exemplary…well that’s just icing on the cake. 

What else is in Steiner Ranch?

As Lake Austin makes its way to downtown Austin it touches the borders of Steiner Ranch.  There arewebsite_steiner_ranch_lake_club some gorgeous waterfront homes in Steiner Ranch.  But even if you don’t have a waterfront home in Steiner Ranch, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the lake.  Steiner Ranch has a private lake park on Lake Austin that is for use by Steiner Ranch residents only.  This area includes eleven boat docks, a pavilion with restroom facilities, picnic tables, a playscape, a basketball court and barbecue grills.

But one of the most eye popping aspects of Steiner Ranch is the hundreds of acres that have been set aside for a nature preserve for the protection of native Texas songbirds.

There are also milewebsite_steiner_ranch_golfs of hike and bike trails winding through Steiner Ranch. If you have a bike you might find a challenge and beauty amid the hilly terrain.


In case you are a golfer, you might be interested to find out that the University of Texas Golf course is located in Steiner Ranch.  But if you want to check out a few other golf courses, have at it, there are 10 courses within minutes of Steiner Ranch.


Where’s Steiner Ranch located?


Steiner Ranch is located in Travis County in Northwest Austin.  it is just south of intersection of Highways 2222 and 620.   Regarding distance to downtown...well a client and I drove it one day to time it.  Steiner Ranch is about 25 minutes to downtown Austin, exiting 5th Street, (I drove it at 3:30pm…non rush hour).  Steiner Ranch is within minutes are ten golf courses, eight boat launches, 19 marinas and 15 public parks.


Shopping…you’re covered there as well.  Steiner Ranch is just a hop, skip and a jump from several Austin Area malls.  You can head South from Steiner Ranch on RR 620 and you’ll find the new Hill Country Galleria, or head North on RR 620 and you’ll be at the Lakeline Mall just before you hit the 183 Tollway.  Both the Arboretum and the Domain are also within a 20 minute drive.

But the fact that Steiner Ranch is located so close to Lake Travis is a draw for many.  Lake Travis, "The Jewel of the Highland Lakes" as some call it, runs forty miles through the hills of Central Texas. It has hundreds of small coves along the shoreline, with some that wander back a mile off the main lake into secluded, undeveloped areas.  It is separated from Lake Austin by Mansfield Dam.

Lake Austin is the stretch of the Colorado River that winds its’ way through the hills west of downtown Austin. Its’ moderate depth and length make it especially popular with skiers.  You’ll see many people enjoying Lake Austin for boating, kayaking and canoeing.

What about the Schools of Steiner Ranch?

website_steiner_ranch_canyon_ridge_middle_schoolThough Steiner Ranch has an Austin address, the community is in the Cedar Park/Leander Independent School District.  But don’t think that means they have to drive far to go to school.  In fact there are three schools within Steiner Ranch itself.  Laura Bush Elementary, Steiner Ranch Elementary and Canyon Ridge Middle School.  All three of these schools received the top rating of Exemplary in the 2007 and once again in 2008.  The High School currently is Cedar Park High School and is about a ten minute drive.  However the new High School is going to be opening its doors in 2009.

What types of Homes are in Steiner Ranch?

While as a community, Steiner Ranch pretty much sells itself, the obvious question is...what about the homes and can I afford it. 

There are a variety of styles of homes in Steiner Ranch.  The community started in the late 1980’s so some website_steiner_ranch_home_bhomes are smaller and of a more traditional style that was popular back then.  But if you want a newer home, don't worry, Steiner Ranch has been building new sections ever since.  It is still possible to build in Steiner Ranch but would expect in a few years that will no longer be the case.

There have been a number of builders working to make the homes in this community both varied and lovely, a style to suit the pickiest of buyers.  Except for the contemporary style I think you could say most other styles of homes are represented.  Some of the builders who have/are building in Steiner Ranch include: David Weekley, Drees, Mercedes, Meritage, Monteray, Morrison, Newmark, Plantation, Taylor Woodrow and Toll Brothers.  (I should also mention there are a few sections in Steiner Ranch that you can bring in your own builder.  These are as can be expected, the higher end sections and in the 'estate' size lot areas.  If these areas are of interest, call us and we'll give you more information.  As this is a small percentage of the homes in Steiner Ranch we won't deal with them here.)

Steiner Ranch is large and like all of the communities of this type, Steiner Ranch is made up of many little ‘pocket neighborhoods’ each in a similar price point.  That is, you wouldn't find a million dollar home, next to a $300k home.  Rather they are grouped by lot size, home size and this creates price groupings.  I've had many want to build a small home in Steiner Ranch but on a big lot.  That doesn't happen in Steiner Ranch, or in most communities of this type around the Austin area.  It's because of the developer guidelines that the builders work with.  A particular section will be designed so that there are 2, maybe 3 builders in it, with homes between xx square feet and yy square feet, the lots will all be xx feet wide etc.  All homes in that section must be built in accordance with these rules.  That's why you might find Streetman homes in two sections, each section with a different product line, home styles, floorplans, upgrades etc.  

The price range of homes in Steiner Ranch is broader than many communities, running from $250k to $3million.  The average real estate price for a home in Steiner Ranch would be in the $400-500k range.  (You can click here for a breakdown of current homes for sale in Steiner Ranch.)

You’ll find as you drive through Steiner Ranch that some sections have homes closer together than others, some homes are on cul-de-sac lots, some are on greenbelts where there won’t be a house behind you.  It’s all a part of the plan.  Keep in mind the larger the lot, the more trees, the more privacy etc also comes with a higher price tag.  If you have always wanted a home on the lake then you can even be one of the lucky ones that  have an acre lot right with Lake Austin in your backyard.  That is, if you happen to have the million of dollars necessary to purchase it.  But even if you don’t have that kind of pocket change.  Look at this way…isn’t it nice to know your community can support such gorgeous homes?  Besides it helps your home appreciation!

Steiner Ranch Real Estate prices…a summary

Real Estate Prices in Steiner Ranch for a single family home start at about $250,000 and go to as high as $3 million.  Average real estate price range for Steiner Ranch would be in the $400-500k range.  However you can get a smaller, older home in Steiner Ranch and stay in the mid to high 200s.  There are a few executive garden homes in Steiner Ranch near the golf course running in the $400k range and some new luxury condos currently being built.   You can click here for a breakdown of current homes for sale in Steiner Ranch.  Or if you would like to be more specific in your search for Homes in Steiner Ranch by square feet, number of bedrooms click here at  Austin Home Search

Click here if you're not ready to buy and would like see a list of current  Steiner Ranch homes for lease.

If you would like to see inside one of the lovely homes, or have questions or would like to take a “Preview Trip” around the Austin and surrounding areas.  Email us or give us a call at 512-449-6070.