Living Healthy

Eat Organic... Buy Local produce...Use Green Products...Build Green Products... Incorporate Energy Efficiencies into lifestyle...Use Natural and homeopathic health remedies...


Even small steps can make a huge difference! 
For your health and for the planet!

Okay, I'm the first to admit that I am not an organic zealot (is that the right word?).  As in many things in my life I am a bundle of contradictions...

I LOVE the idea of being a vegetarian...but I don't want to give up steak and sashimi....I LOVE the idea of not poisoning the earth...yet I have my yard sprayed 'cause i HATE bugs....I LOVE the idea of natural childbirth, but when I was in labor I was yelling (loudly) for the Epidural...I LOVE the idea of recycling...but dang...I like the convenience of those plastic bottles...(but I did cut back)...I LOVE supporting the local businesses but I will still run into a chain store 'cause it's right around the corner....I KNOW fast food is bad...but boy if I get back to Indiana for a visit...a stop at White Castles is a must!

Now for my progress.  I'm not in a hybrid yet...but it's coming...last car was a used Honda Accord. Can I consider that recycling?  If I build another home, it WILL be green.  I NEVER get gas receipts anymore.  Heard I can save thousands of miles of paper that way.  I now use paper plates MUCH less often than I used to.  I turn off air conditioning/heat during the day when I'm not home.  I have changed most bulbs to the new curly ones.  I recyle paper in my office every chance I get....etc etc etc The point is that I'm heading in the right direction. 

So all that being said, I applaud those of you that are further along on the living healthy spectrum than I am.  I believe it does make a difference.  So let's not beat ourselves up for what we don't do...let's pat ourselves on our backs for what we have changed.  If we all take steps...albeit baby ones...then little by little it will make a huge difference.  I'm moving in the right direction and if you are new to the area maybe you'll want to know of some places to check out.  So I've pulled together some favorites of mine and I've added a map with many of the Austin Area Recycling Centers.


Energy Saving Tips and Products

Green Cleaners

Green pest control

Local Green Builders


(If you know of other products, businesses, services or recycling cents you think fall into this line that I should add to the site, please email us.  We'll check them out and if we agree we'll add them to the list.  The more options the better.  We believe in spreading the word.)