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Living in Kyle Texas: A personal Perspective

"I happen to live in Kyle Texas so I'm familiar with this fast growing community.  Yet even though I knew Kyle was growing, I didn't realize that the City of Kyle, is currently "the fifth fastest growing city in Texas with an annual rate of 125% growth and has been named the #1 Hot Spot in the I 35 Corridor" by the Austin and San Antonio Business Journals.  

We've been seeing constant changes in recent years with road work, new neighborhoods and new businesses coming to town.  Check out the Kyle Texas city map and see where some of the new business/neighborhoods are located. Why it was just a handful of years ago that the HEB Plus opened its' doors along with other stores and services in the strip center including WhatABurger, Subway, Jacks Cleaners and of course the ever so popular...Starbucks.   Can you believe it?  Before that we had to drive to nearby Buda or San Marcos for groceries. 

Kyle is an all inclusive town. We have a shopping center, a hospital, and even a EVO entertainment center, right in our backyard! The construction of the major hospital and another shopping center including a Kohls, Target Superstore and EVO Movie Theater, means there is no longer a need to drive to Austin or San Marcos. We have a very large HEB Plus, Walmart, many doctors offices, dentists, and a newly established nightlife in downtown Kyle, all at our fingertips. You can look on the attached Kyle Texas area map and see how convenient this is from most of the neighborhoods, or you can check out the location of all of the Kyle Schools and see how far your new home may be from the elementary, middle or High School your kids will be assigned. 

Really...most of the Kyle Texas subdivisions will be literally not more than five minutes from most anything you'd need.  


Kyle Texas:  Location and more: 

Regardless of how big it grows the community of Kyle Texas wants to keep the small town feel.  It's for those people that want to live close to a bigger city, yet want to live at perhaps a slower pace.  It's only a hop, skip and a jump south of Austin. You just head south on I35 from downtown Austin and keep going until you come to exits 217/216/215/213.  The 'downtown' of Kyle Texas is off exit #213/Highway 150.  "Downtown" is only a couple of blocks long but we do have a courthouse, a pizza place, hair salon (called Hair Topics where I get my hair done), sandwich shop, the Texas Pie Company which has great pies and take away family dinners. The downtown strip welcomes a new nightlife including a few bars, Dark Horse, Down South Railhouse, Centerfiled, and the Grindhouse. There is no need to even leave Kyle! You can of course read the "city activity sign" to find out what's going on in the community in coming days. 

Depending on the time of year you might see postings for activities such as 'Kyle Market Days" where vendors set up on the town square the first Saturday of every month from April to November.  Also there are events such as the "turning on of the Christmas lights", which includes some hot chocolate and a visit with Santa; Then there are the ever so popular events such as: the Easter egg hunt, Movies in the Park or other events at the Performing Arts Center, that it may bring to mind a bit of the "Stars Hollow" feel of Gilmore Girls.  (Unfortunately though you have to drive to the events at the Performing Arts Center as Kyle is not a community that has homes in walking distance to the stores.)  Bottom line, Kyle has a small town feel for those who would like to take things to a slower pace.

Kyle Texas is located in Hays County. To get an idea of the future growth...Like it or not, Kyle is growing.  In fact Hays and the surrounding area is expected to grow to 285,000 by 2020. Now is the time to invest in this community as we expect to see the Kyle Texas Real Estate prices going up as it attracts more businesses.  Click here for a Kyle Tx Real Estate market update.


Kyle Texas: Shopping, hospitals and amenities: 

The City of Kyle Texas though small, does have a public golf course called Plum Creek Golf Course. There is also a community water park and as far as shopping goes there is a Khols, Ross, Rack Room Shoes, Tiaras, Petco, and even a Super Target. All within walking distance of each other. With the installment of the EVO  Entertainment center, we have a great one stop location for dinning, bowling, and watching a movie. With the ever increasing price of gas it is nice to have so many amenities within our own community.  (Though I have got to say you'll love living near the outlet mall of San Marcos.  This mall was named by the TV show "The View" as one of the world's (yes WORLD's) top three shopping destinations.  It's only about 15 minutes further south on I35.  (Click here for more info on San Marcos Outlet Mall Stores.) 

Seton Medical Center Hays here!  This is the largest medical facility in the county, offering a full range of medical, surgical, diagnostic and maternity services.  It is conveniently located at the corner of I35 and Highway 1626. 

From a Kyle Texas Real Estate standpoint all of this growth means a lot to the values of the homes in the area.  People like convenience.  They like to be near their places of work and they will be more inclined to purchase in a community that has more amenities, shops etc.  So with all of the jobs that will be added to support these new businesses there are going to folks wanting to live near their place of work.



Let us be your Kyle Texas Real Estate Agent

As a resident of Kyle we know the area and we know the Kyle Texas real estate market.  We can answer your questions and talk about the area from the perspective of someone that actually lives in the community and is raising a family in the community.  So call us at 512-449-6070 to discuss your Kyle Texas Real Estate options.  We're good at what we do, in fact Adkor Realty was named by Channel 42 K-eye TV as "The Kyle Area MLS Expert". 

Kyle Texas Vision Statement


"Kyle will be the premier employment center for the southern tier of the Austin metropolitan
area and will serve as a destination for the best in shopping, recreation, and living in Hays

This isn't an empty vision statement for Kyle...the city administration and citizens believe it and all decisions are made working towards this end!  You don't have to look far for proof that Kyle is on the front end of a major growth spurt and the local Chamber of Commerce is at the heart of this growth.  They know that many of its' citizens moved to Kyle to enjoy the 'small town feel' and they want the expansion to keep this in mind.  To get a flavor of the changes underway we provided some excerpts of information provided by the Kyle Chamber of Commerce but we encourage you to do more...go to their website, join the chamber, check out their plans, get involved and enjoy the ride!


So hope to see you around.                                                          

Celeste Messer

Broker of Adkor Realty Group 

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Plum Creek Golf Course

Kyle is in Hays County

The City of Kyle is conveniently located 'down' I-H 35 about 15 minutes south of Austin. (We're just south of Buda.)  Located between Austin and San Antonio, Kyle is a great choice for people commuting to both cities. 

If you wonder about the history of Kyle:  In the late 1800's, Kyle was a major player in the cotton business. This area was also the "Gateway to Texas Ranch Country."

Kyle's New Strategic Plan

The City of Kyle has formally launched its new Economic Development Strategic Plan. This plan shapes the way the City's economic base will grow for years to come.


Kyle Texas Parks/Recreation Centers

The City of Kyle currently has approximately 6 acres of developed parks for every 1000 residents of the city.

Location Information

The growing community of Kyle is vibrant with development that will last for years to come. The City of Kyle has taken extra care to maintain the historic town atmosphere as it exceeds everyone’s growth expectations at a rate of 126% per year. The City of Kyle is divided in half by Interstate 35 just 20 miles south of Austin. The Union Pacific Rail line runs parallel to I-35 through Kyle as well, making Kyle an ideal location for manufacturing and industrial businesses. State Highway 21, FM 1626, and Highway 150 all run through Kyle at one point or another. Access to surrounding cities is convenient and less stressful for Kyle residents, employees and business owners than many area cities. And as mentioned earlier Kyle is situated between six of the top ten tourist attractions in Texas, including one of the largest outlet malls in San Marcos just 10 miles south on I-35.

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