Buda Texas Real Estate and More

We know when you are considering buying a home you want to know about the community.  You want to get an idea of whether or not you can see yourself living in this community.  That's why we're here.  We work with many out of state clients who don't know the area.  They need someone they can trust to show them ALL of their options, not just one community.  We work the entire Austin and San Marcos metro areas but as it happens we live in the Buda / Kyle area

Living in the Buda / Kyle  area means we know the Buda Texas Real Estate market better than most agents.   We are the only area agents named by Channel 42 K-eye TV as "The Buda and Kyle MLS Experts". 

Buda Texas Real Estate is different than other areas around Austin.  We are a new and upcoming area and as you'll see if you drive around Buda we are growing.  The Buda Texas of today is not the Buda Texas of tomorrow.  You can only imagine what that means as to the value of BudaTexas Real Estate.  For the last five years as I worked the area market, many of the Austin buyers didn't want to come to Buda as there weren't any stores, restaurants etc and there were no nearby hospitals.  Well the times they are a changin'.  With the new Seton Hospital coming to nearby Kyle along with the new movie theater, Target, Lowes, Kohls to name a few, when you live in Buda Texas you'll have the best of all worlds.  Within your own backyard you have stores such as Cabellas, Walmart Superstore among others, but you are also only a hop skip and a jump from South Austin where you can to shop in areas such as South Meadows Park or the Brodie area or you can skip the drive North to Austin and head on over to Kyle and take in a movie there.

This will help make the value of Buda Texas Real Estate appreciate.  It's all about supply and demand and when the demand goes up, as it will with all of the new jobs coming in, so will the value. 

So to get an idea of what is in and around Buda Texas, here's a map of the Kyle and Buda area to get you started.  Feel free to call us with at 512-449-6070 or email us at info@adkor.net with any questions.  We'd love to be your Buda Texas Realtor®!  You can click on the map and 'grab' it to move it around, you can also use the catergorized marker on the right to expand or contract the items shown on the map.  Hope it helps!  Mark us as a favorite and bring your friends!

If you're in the market for a home to buy or lease, you can click here for a listing of ALL of the homes for Sale in Buda Texas.  Or if you're not yet ready to purchase a home, you can click here for all of the homes for lease in Buda Texas.  Then look on the map below to get an idea where the neighborhood is in relation to the rest of the area....again call us when you're ready to take a look or have any questions. 

CommunityWalk Map - Kyle and Buda Texas Highlights