Austin Area Schools

Here at Adkor we know that when you are looking at Austin Real Estate or San Marcos Real Estate or any of the other communities that make up the Central Texas area, you’re not simply buying bricks and mortar. Rather you are looking at the communities and what each has to offer you in the way of a quality of life. If you are like us, you are trying to decide if you can picture yourself, your family, living here and being happy. You are likely checking out information about the schools, golf courses, parks, sports, restaurants, recreation and the myriad of cultural events the area has to offer in order to get a better feel of what living here would be like.

To help you understand the schools we pulled together some info/links to help you on your way. As in many metropolitan areas, there are a number of school districts. In addition there are numerous private schools and schools for continuing education in the area that may be of interest. If you would like more information about any of these school district click on the name below.

A common question is "How good are the schools in the Austin and San Marcos area?" Overall the quality of the schools are considered to be high. However you need to judge for yourself. The links provided can assist you in checking things out.  We would recommend that you call the district offices and/or schools themselves and interview them in order to determine their particular philosophy.

Schools shouldn't be judged by any one factor.  However the TAAS ratings serve as one means people use to compare schools.  It is usefull to see how a school is doing over a three year period, and to compare one school to another over the same period.  As many of our clients have asked us to provide an across district list we have included them here.

Across District Accountability Rating System

Keep in mind again that the school’s accountability rating is just one way of looking at a particular campus.  Calls to school administrators, other parents and a campus visit all together will give you a basis for deciding which school is right for your child.  However if you wonder how schools in this district compare to other schools in the area, here is a link to the TEA website. (If there is no rating it could be perhaps because the school is new.  It takes two years to be given a rating.)

TEA Across District Accountability Rating System