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Celeste’s clients are always asking, “Where should we go to eat?” or “What’s YOUR favorite restaurant?”

She’s quick to explain:
“I come from a family of nine with a mom who believed you must eat everything on your plate. Mom frequently used the old adage, “Kids are starving in China that would love that food.” This of course would always cause at least one of us to mutter under our breath, “Give it to them.”

But this “eat everything” philosophy did encourage Celeste to eat just about anything. A highlight of the early days was those rare occasions when the family did go out to eat and went to "White Castles". To this day this is still a mandatory stop when she goes back to visit family in Indiana.”

So with this corruption of taste buds Celeste is hesitant to make personal recommendations to her clients as to which restaurant they should try.

She can assure you though, as varied as the shopping is in the Austin area the types of restaurants also run the gamut for taste, style and price range. From the funky little health food restaurant on the corner, to the upscale internationally known 5 star restaurants, there appears to be something for everyones’ taste and budget.

There is so much competition for the customers that if a restaurant has been around for a while, it must be pretty darn good. So once again click on the link above and we'll get you started on your journey.


Let’s start with the Austin Chronicle’s Annual “Best of” 2007. This is a fun place to go if you want to know what the locals think? This is an annual “best of” listing for restaurants, bars, theatres etc. Even if you don’t agree with it, it’s a fun list to review.

Where to go?

Here’s two links we found that we think might really find helpful when trying to figure our where in the Austin area you want to eat. The great thing about these two links is that you can sort the lists by “types of food”, or “parts of town”. If you know the name of a restaurant and wonder where or what people say about it, you can look it up by name.

First is the Austin City Guide, the second link that we find really helpful when looking for an Austin area restaurant includes reader reviews as well so you can see what people are saying about it. Austin Restaurants

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