Austin Area Private Schools


Below you will find a list of area Private Schools. While we try to collect as many of the various schools as we can find, we cannot guarantee the information as things change, this is especially true when looking at the approximate tuition or enrollment.  Though we cannot keep up with the changes, we decided to keep this in as it would give you a 'general idea' of the cost and the size of the school.  In addition while we put in as many schools as we were aware of, there are likely others we have missed.  Consider this as a starting point for your search for private school options in the Austin and surrounding areas.  Click here for a link to a map of all of the noted schools: Austin Area Private Schools Map.

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ACE Academy
Address 3901 Shoal Creek Austin, TX 78759
Phone 329-5897
FAX 532-6188
Grades PreK-7
Approximate Tuition 7,900-10,000
Denomination Non-denominational
Opening Year 2005
Special Features: An independent school for gifted and high-achieving students

All Saints Episcopal School
Address 209 West 27th Street Austin, TX 78705-5716
Phone 472-8866
FAX 476-7291
Grades PreK3-K
Approximate Tuition 4525-6400
Denomination Episcopal
Approximate Enrollment 172
Opening Year 1946
Features: Curriculum is guided by the knowledge that children learn by active exploration, teachers work to create an environment with stimulating, challenging materials and activities

Austin Christian Academy
Address 1010 W. FM 1626 (2120 Shiloh Dr. 78745) Austin, TX 78748
Phone 292-7848
FAX 292-8889
Grades K-12
Approximate Tuition 3,300
Denomination non-denominational
Approximate Enrollment 65
Opening Year 2003
Special Feature low teacher-student ratio, individualized curriculum

Austin City Arts Academy
Address 9221 Hwy 290 West P.O. Box 92737 Austin, TX 78709
Phone 301-0471
FAX 857-0765
Grades K3-12th
Approximate Tuition K3/K4 half day $3872 K4-K5 $4246 1st-8th $4609 9th-12th $5069
Denomination Christian Non-Denominational
Opening Year 2003
Special Feature: Classical Christian education, no extra fees all students
receive piano, vocal and instrumental instruction, and drama through Institute for the Arts, low student-teacher ratio

Austin International School
Address 12001 Oak Knoll Drive Austin, TX 78759
Phone 331-7806
Fax 219-5201
Grades PK2-2nd
Approximate Tuition PK3-4th
Denomination: Non-Denominational
Approximate Enrollment 88
Opening Year 2001
Special Features:high quality French-American curriculum in a multicultural environment, full language immersion with native French and Spanish teachers

Austin Islamic School/Austin Peace Academy
Address 5110 Manor Road Austin, TX 78723
Phone 926-1737
FAX 926-9688
Grades K-9th
Approximate Tuition $3,900
Denomination Arabic and Islamic studies
Opening Year 1997
Special Features: accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools,
curriculum is accelerated, major emphasis on Arabic and Islamic studies, students are challenged to perform consistently beyond grade-level.

Austin Jewish Academy
Address 7300 Hart Lane, Austin, TX 78731
Phone 735-8370
FAX 735-8351
Grades k-8
Denomination Jewish
Approximate Enrollment 139
Opening Year 1997
Special Features: students learn Judaism in a relevant way,
interdisciplinary approach and differentiated instruction, library, soccer and track,
swimming pool, computer and science labs

Austin Montessori School-Sunset Trail
Address 5006 Sunset Trail Austin, TX 78745
Phone 892-0253
FAX 891-9875
Grades 14 mo - 9th
Approximate Tuition 4200-5900
Denomination None Approximate
Enrollment 280 Opening Year 1967

Austin Montessori School-Great Northern Blvd
Address 6817 Great Northern Austin 78757
Phone 512-323-2313
Grades 14 mo - 9th
Approximate Tuition 4200-5900
Denomination None
Approximate Enrollment 280
Opening Year 1967

Austin Montessori Middle School –Gaines Creek Campus
Address 5676 Oak Blvd Austin, TX 78735
Phone 512-892-0826
Grades 14 mo - 9th
Approximate Tuition 4200-5900
Denomination None
Approximate Enrollment 280
Opening Year 1967

Austin School for Performing and Visual Arts
Address 5700 North Pace Bend Road, Spicewood, TX,78669
Phone 773-3398
Grades 6-12th
Approximate Tuition $12,500
Denomination none
Opening Year Fall 2007
Special Features:arts education with a full academic curriculum and unique wellness program. 455 private acres on Lake travis, equestrian center, junior Olympic pool, sailboats,kayaks, hiking trails, arcery State-certified teachers plus professional artistic staff. Curriculum integrated with the arts

Austin Seventh-Day Adventist Junior Academy
Address 301 West Anderson Lane Austin, TX 78752
Phone 459-8976
FAX 419-7868
Grades PK-10
Approximate Tuition 2,500-4,500
Denomination Seventh Day Adventist Approximate Enrollment 49 Opening Year 1937 Special Features:Low student-teacher ratio, spiritually nurturing Christian atmosphere and Biblically enriched curriculum.

Austin Waldorf School
Address 8700 South View Road Austin, TX 78737
Phone 288-5942
FAX 301-8997
Grades K-12
Approximate Tuition K $5450/$7370 1-8th $8590 9th-12th $10120
Denomination Non-denominational
Approximate Enrollment 380
Opening Year 1980
Special features balancing academic, artistic and practical disciplines, cultivating
a love of learning, creative thinking, sympathetic interest in the world, self confidence and abiding moral purpose

Bais Menachem Hebrew Academy
Address 7010 Village Center Dr Austin,TX 78731
Phone 343-2500
Grades PK-6
Approximate Tuition $9,000
Denomination Jewish
Approximate Enrollment 40
Opening Year 1996
Special features alive with tradition, exploration and learning; 1:6 teacher to student ratio provides individual attention, group discussion and allows for multiple learning styles; curriculum in mathematics, English, Modern Hebrew, history, science, composition, and critical thinking skills enhanced by the essential tenets of Judaism and the Jewish people.

Bannockburn Elementary School
Address 7100 Brodie Lane Austin, TX 78745
Phone 892-0000
FAX 892-6779
Grades Pre K4-6
Approximate Tuition 5,900
Denomination Baptist affiliated
Approximate Enrollment 110
Opening Year 1981

Bluebonnet Montessori School of Lakeway
Address 15099 Debba Drive, Austin, TX 78734
Phone 266-6626
Grades Pre Pre School -3rd
Denomination Non denominational
Approximate Enrollment
Opening Year 2005
Special Features: we respect for each child as an unique individual we teach in a prepared environment allowing for free exploration according each child's unique capability

Brentwood Christian School
Address 11908 N. Lamar Austin, TX 78753
Phone 835-5983
FAX 835-2184
Grades PK-12
Approximate Tuition 3600/4000
Denomination Church of Christ
Approximate Enrollment 710
Opening Year 1963

Capitol School of Austin
Address 2011 W Koenig Lane Austin, TX 78756
Phone 467-7006
FAX 467-7025
Approximate Tuition $11,565-24,390
Approximate Enrollment 75
Opening Year 1990 Special features
children with speech, language, and learning differences can reach their full potential and develop skills necessary to succeed, low student-teacher ratio All academic classes are taught by a Speech-Language Pathologist, OT, Special Education Teacher or Certified Behavior Analyst, music, drama, therapeutic playground, parent resource room 

Cathedral School of St. Mary
Address 910 San Jacinto Blvd. Austin, TX 78701
Phone 476-1480
FAX 476-9922
Grades PreK3-8
Approximate Tuition 3950
Denomination Catholic
Approximate Enrollment 194
special features TCCED Accredited athletics, computer and science lab, extended after school care, Skill Builders program, welcome all faiths

The Children's School
Address 2825 Hancock Drive Austin, TX 78731
Phone 453-1126
FAX 302-0320
Administrator Grades PreK-5
Approximate Tuition 6500
Denomination None
Approximate Enrollment 340
Opening Year 1979

Child's Day Kindergarten
Address 2525 Wallingwood Drive #100, Austin, TX 78746
Phone 327-3274
FAX 327-3281
Grades Preschool - Kinder
Denomination non-religious
Opening Year 1999
Special features small
group size, individualized education, challenging curriculum, music, PE. computer and Spanish

City School
Address 1700 Woodland Dr. Austin, TX 78741
Phone 416-7744
FAX 444-7553
Grades PK-8
Approximate Tuition 2200/5300
Denomination None
Approximate Enrollment 75
Opening Year 2002
Special Features Charlotte Mason methodology

Concordia Academy
Address 3407 Red River Austin, TX 78705
Phone 248-2547
FAX 469-0785
Grades 9-12
Approximate Tuition $6,400
Denomination Lutheran
Opening Year 2002
Special Features Dual-credit courses at Concordia University, college-preparatory curriculum, full-size gym, choir, band, art, PE, soccer, volleyball, plus...

EcoSchool of Austin
Address 3000 Del Curto Austin, TX 78704
Phone 447-8516
Director Grades K-6th
Approximate Tuition $4250/4750
Denomination Non
Opening Year 2006
Special Features: provides environment as non-toxic as possible to accommodate severe allergies/chemical sensitivities. Children learn in differnent ways so we have taken the best from Montessori, Waldorf, Multiple Intelligences. Grades added each year.

Fellowship Christian Academy

Address 3379 Gattis School Road, Round Rock, TX 78664
Phone 255-5265
Grades K-2nd
Approximate Tuition $4,100/4,500
Denomination Christian
Opening Year 2005

Girls' School of Austin
Address 2007 McCall Road Austin, TX 78730
Phone 478-STAR
FAX 478-5456
Grades: K-8th
Approximate Tuition: 8,200-8,350
Denomination none
Approximate Enrollment 76
Year Open 2003
Special Features: all girls school works to prepare students in math, science, technology, language arts, social studies, humanities, drama, music, art, Spanish, PE, and community service.Girls learn piano, violin, viola or cello and participate in arts appreciation

Great Hills Christian School K-12
10500 Jollyville Rd Austin, TX
Phone: 512-343-6167

Greater Calvery Academy and Preschool
Address 6510 Berkman Drive Austin, TX 78723
Phone 454-6170
FAX 302-9806
Grades 6 wks -5th grade
Denomination Baptist
Approximate Enrollment 27
Special Features we develop servant warrior leaders of high moral character, cadet students master the Texas Essential Skills in all subject matter with a focus on language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, critical thinking and character study

Griffin School
Address 710 East 41st Street Austin, TX 78751
Phone 454-5797
FAX 454-5799
Grades 9-12
Approximate Tuition $11,200
Denomination None
Approximate Enrollment 60
Opening Year 1996
Special Features offers students the curriculum and attention they need and deserve to succeed. Class sizes average eight students. Core studies in Mathematics, Science, Literature, Foreign Language, History, and Fine Arts are required.

Harambee School
Address 9000 Manchaca Road, Austin, TX 78748
Grades 1st-3rd
Affiliation Montessori
Opening Year 2005
Special Features: AMI certified guide with Master's Degree

Hill Country Christian School
Address 12124 RM 620 North Austin, TX 78750
Phone 331-7036
FAX 331-8063
Grades K-12
Approximate Tuition 4140/4560
Denomination Non-denominational
Approximate Enrollment 528
Opening Year Special Features a Christ-centered college preparatory school using classical teaching methodology accredited through ACSI

Hill Country Christian School-San Marcos
Address 1401 Davis Lane San Marcos, TX 78655
Phone 512-353-8976
FAX 512-396-3639
Grades K-12
Approximate Tuition $5,975
Denomination Non-denom
Approximate Enrollment 146
Opening Year 1976
Special Features we nurture character and spiritual development in our students through a Bible-based, goal oriented, academic curriculum, sports program

Holy Family Catholic School
Address 9400 Neenah Avenue Austin, TX 78717
Phone 246-4455
FAX 246-4454
Grades PreK-8
Approximate Tuition 3900/4700
Denomination Catholic
Approximate Enrollment 339
Opening Year 2000

Holy Word Lutheran School
Address 10601 Bluff Bend Drive Austin, TX 78753
Phone 836-0660
FAX 836-2135
Grades K-8
Approximate Tuition 4000
Denomination Lutheran
Approximate Enrollment 60
Opening Year 1974

Hope Lutheran School
Address 6414 North Hampton Austin, TX 78723
Phone 926-0003
FAX 926-0708
Grades PreK-8
Approximate Tuition 3500
Denomination Lutheran
Approximate Enrollment 89
Opening Year 1964
Special Features accredited, teachers certified, indoor gym and sports, christ-centered learning

Huntington-Surrey High School
Address 4001 Speedway Austin, TX 78751
Phone 478-4743
FAX 457-0235
Grades 9-12
Approximate Tuition $7,200
Denomination None
Approximate Enrollment 80
Opening Year 1973
Special Features: Independent, non-sectarian, academically-oriented learning environment, Degreed, knowledgeable teachers are flexible, creative, and encouraging.

Hyde Park Baptist School
Address 3901 Speedway Austin, TX 78751
Phone 465-8331
FAX 371-1433
Grades K-12
Approximate Tuition 5,950-8650
Denomination Baptist
Approximate Enrollment 760
Opening Year 1968
Special Features: mission is to establish a school with academic excellence using college prep curriculum built on a strong foundation of Christian values, accredited by ACTABS and SACS

International Montessori
Address 7020 Village Center Dr. Austin, TX 78731
Phone 343-0071
FAX 338-1280
Grades 1-12 yr.
Denomination None

Jackie's Performing Arts School
Address 11530 Manchaca Road Austin, TX 78748
Phone 282-7739
FAX 282-6302
Grades K-8th
Approximate Tuition $5,900/yr.
Denomination Non-denominational
Approximate Enrollment
Opening Year 1979
Special features: swimming pool/lessons on campus, ballet, tap, gymnastics, piano, drama, foreign language, library, computer lab, Reading Resource Program and college prep.

Khabele School, The (formerly Learning Community School)
Address 801 Rio Grande. Austin, TX 78701
Phone 480-8142
FAX 322-0987
Grades 6-12
Denomination Non-denominational
Approximate Enrollment 55
Opening Year 2000
Special Features: Small class sizes, we teach to a variety of learning styles, leadership training and internships, art, music...

KAMICO Academy
Address 4413 Spicewood Springs Austin, TX 78759
Phone 343-0801
FAX 372-9204
Grades K-6
Approximate Tuition 10,000
Denomination Non-denominational
Approximate Enrollment 12
Opening Year 2000

Kirby Hall School
Address 306 West 29th Street Austin, TX 78705
Phone 474-1770
FAX 474-1117
Grades K-12
Approximate Tuition 6,678- 7,950
Denomination Christian non-denominational
Approximate Enrollment 168
Opening Year 1976
Special Features college prep average SAT 1340

Legacy Oaks Christian School
Address 7915 Manchaca Road Austin, TX 78745
Phone 326-2286
FAX 326-9014
Grades K4-12
Approximate Tuition K4 $3600/5196, 1-12th $6000
Denomination Inter-Denominational
Approximate Enrollment 157
Opening Year 1995
Special Features:classical educational program, using the concept of the trivium based
on the natural stages of a child's intellectual development.

Maranatha Christian Academy
Address 8210 South 1st Austin, TX 78748
Phone 282-4263
FAX 282-2426
Grades K4-12
Approximate Tuition 4,000
Denomination Baptist
Approximate Enrollment 10
Opening Year 1982
Special features: individualized classroom instruction

Moore-Weis Children's Center
Address 1303 Lorrain St Austin, TX 78703
Phone 472-6080
FAX 472-5787
Grades Preschool - 8 year olds
Denomination None
Opening Year 1996
Special Features:meetingt the needs of kids experiencing communication disabilities under the autism spectrum disorders, receptive and expressive disorders, learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, seizure disorders, and various syndromes.

Morgen Academy
Address 7035 Bee Cave Rd #100 Austin, TX 78746
Phone 732-2575
Grades 5-8
Denomination non-denominational
Opening Year 2006
Special Features: middle school for high achieving students, small classes, grouped by ability,strong focus on math and science, after school tutoring avail for K-8.

Odyssey School
Address 831 Houston Street Austin, TX 78756
Phone 472-2262
FAX 236-9385
Grades 4-8
Approximate Tuition 10,400
Denomination None
Approximate Enrollment 40
Opening Year 1997
Special Features: ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, other

Our Savior Lutheran School
Address 1513 East Yager Lane Austin, TX 78753
Phone 836-9600
FAX 836-4660
Grades PK-5
Approximate Tuition PK 4500 1-5 3500
Denomination Lutheran
Approximate Enrollment 130
Opening Year 1980

Paragon Preparatory
Address 2001 W. Koenig Lane Austin, TX 78756
Phone 459-5040
FAX 459-1875
Grades 5-8
Approximate Tuition 6850
Denomination None
Approximate Enrollment 135
Opening Year 1997

Parkside Community School
Address 1701 Toomey Road Austin, TX 78704
Phone 472-2559
FAX 472-2592
Grades PreK-6
Approximate Tuition 5250/5500
Denomination None
Approximate Enrollment 125
Opening Year 1991

Rawson-Saunders School
Address 2600 Exposition Blvd. Austin, TX 78703
Phone 476-8382
FAX 476-1132
Grades 1-8
Approximate Tuition 16,000
Denomination None
Approximate Enrollment 76
Opening Year 1997
Special Features: the only full-curriculum school for children with dyslexia in the Austin area

Redeemer Lutheran School
Address 1500 W. Anderson Lane Austin, TX 78757
Phone 451-6478
FAX 459-6779
Grades K-8
Approximate Tuition K-5th $2,150-3,350, 6-8th $2,550 -3,550
Denomination Lutheran
Approximate Enrollment 395
Opening Year 1955

Regents School of Austin
Address 3230 Travis Country Cir. Austin, TX 78735
Phone 899-8095
FAX 899-8623
Grades K-12
Approximate Tuition 6400/7700
Denomination Cross-denominational
Approximate Enrollment 507 Opening Year 1992

Renaissance Academy, Bastrop
Address 677B Hwy 95 N Bastrop, TX 78602
Phone 512-718-4817
Grades K-12
Approximate Tuition 2,700 Half-Days
Denomination none
Special Features: Classical education, including Latin, Logic and Rhetoric, each at the age-appropriate stage. Self-paced, relaxed setting.
Core curriculum taught from 8-12 with electives offered each afternoon.

Rise School of Austin
Address 4220 Monterey Oaks Blvd Austin,TX 78749
Phone 512-891-1680
Grades 18 mo. to 6 year old
Approximate Tuition $960/mo
Denomination none
Year Open 2003
Special Features: serving children with diverse abilities, the tuition includes physical, occupational, speech and music therapies, affiliated with UT, functions as an instructional program for students in the College of Education, Department of Special Education

Round Rock Christian Academy
Address 301 N. Lake Creek Drive Round Rock, TX 78681
Phone 255-4492
FAX 255-6043
Grades PK-12
Approximate Tuition 4,575-5690
Denomination Non-denominational
Approximate Enrollment 323
Opening Year 1975
Special Features: accredited ACSI and SACS we partner with parents and provide chapel, Bible study, music/fine arts, foreign language, art, PE, learning centers, creative play, library and computer

Sacred Heart Catholic School K-4th
5911 Reicher Dr Austin, TX 78723
Phone 512-926-0687

San Juan Diego Catholic High School
Address 800 Herndon Lane Austin, TX 78704
Phone 804-1935
FAX 804-1937
Grades 9-12
Approximate Tuition 2,400/yr
Denomination Catholic
Approximate Enrollment 100
Opening Year 2002
Special Features: college prep, professional work program

Shoreline Christian School
Address 15201 Burnet Road Austin, TX 78728
Phone 310-7358
FAX 310-1175
Grades PreK-6
Approximate Tuition 3900
Denomination Non-denominational
Approximate Enrollment 265
Opening Year 2001

Sri Atmananda Memorial School
Address 4100 Red River Austin, TX 78751
Phone 451-7044
FAX 451-7045
Grades K-10
Approximate Tuition 7,000
Denomination Non-denominational
Approximate Enrollment 40
Opening Year 1995

St. Andrew's Episcopal School Lower and Middle School
Address 1112 West 31st Street Austin, TX 78705
Phone 299-9800
FAX 451-0222
Grades 1-8
Approximate Tuition 10,600/12,200
Denomination Episcopal
Approximate Enrollment 697
Opening Year 1952

St. Andrew's Episcopal School Upper School
Address 5901 Southwest Parkway Austin, TX 78735
Phone 299-9700
FAX 299-9660
Grades 9-12
Approximate Tuition 14,000
Denomination Episcopal
Opening Year 1952
Special Features: academics, athletics, fine arts, chapel and travel

St. Austin Catholic School
Address 1911 San Antonio Austin, TX 78705
Phone 477-3751
FAX 477-3079
Grades K-8
Approximate Tuition 4050 parishioner/5800 non
Denomination Catholic
Approximate Enrollment 244
Opening Year 1917
Special Features: US Dept of Ed 2005 Blue Ribbon School strong sense of
family building learners for a lifetime

St. Francis School
Address 300 E. Huntland Drive Austin, TX 78752
Phone 454-0848
FAX 453-2982
Grades 1-6
Approximate Tuition 3605
Denomination Ecumenical
Approximate Enrollment 123

St. Gabriel's Catholic School
Address 2500 Wimberley Austin, TX 78735
Phone 327-7755
FAX 327-4334
Grades PreK-8
Approximate Tuition 5000/8710
Denomination Catholic
Approximate Enrollment 420
Opening Year 1999

St. Helen Catholic School
Address 2700 E. University Avenue, Georgetown, TX 78626
Phone 868-0744
Fax 863-8558
Grades K-5th
Approximate Tuition 3,400
Denomination Catholic
Approximate Enrollment 96
Opening year 2002


St. Ignatius, Martyr, Catholic School
Address 120 West Oltorf Street Austin, TX 78704
Phone 442-8547
FAX 442-8685
Grades PreK3-8
Approximate Tuition $3,700 in parish/$4,850
Demonination Non-Catholic
Approximate Enrollment 262
Opening Year 1940

St. James' School
Address 3701 East Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.Austin, TX 78721
Phone 926-4214
FAX 926-6997
Grades Preschool-Kinder
Approximate Tuition $4750 fullday/$3850 halfday
Denomination Episcopal/ open to all
Approximate Enrollment 42 Opening Year 1996
Special Features Diverse staff & student body, Montessori curriculum, Creative
afternoon enrichment.

St. Louis Catholic School
Address 2114 St. Joseph Blvd. Austin, TX 78757
Phone 454-0384x241
FAX 454-7252
Grades Pre-K-8
Approximate Tuition 4125
Denomination Catholic
Approximate Enrollment 341
Opening Year 1956

St. Martin's Lutheran Day School
Address 606 West 15th Street Austin, TX 78701
Phone 476-4037
FAX 476-6624
Grades 18 mo.-K
Approximate Tuition 18mo-2: $9,360; 3: $8,160; 4: $7,560; K: $7,860
Denomination Lutheran
Approximate Enrollment 190
Opening Year 1962
Special Features well balanced, integrated educational programs, hot lunches, dev appropriate playgrounds, Music, Art, Spanish and Computers

St. Michael's Academy
Address 3000 Barton Creek Blvd. Austin, TX 78735
Phone 328-2323
FAX 328-2327
Grades 9-12
Approximate Tuition 9000
Denomination Catholic
Approximate Enrollment 410
Opening Year

Saint Nicholas School
Phone 415-5675
Grades PreK-5
Denomination non denom/Christian
Opening Year 2007
Special Features: A classical Christian llment approach for children with diverse learning needs, serving children with learning disabilities, language delays,
ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia. Small class sizes, school is part-time

St. Paul Lutheran School
Address 3407 Red River Street Austin, TX 78705
Phone 472-3313
FAX 469-0785
Grades PK-8
Approximate Tuition 3300
Denomination Lutheran
Approximate Enrollment 200
Opening Year 1893 

St. Stephen's Episcopal School
Address PO Box 1868 Austin, TX 78767-1868
Phone 327-1213
FAX 327-1311
Grades 6-12th
Approximate Tuition 17,100-18,600
Denomination Episcopal
Approximate Enrollment 638
Opening Year 1950
Special Features: 400 acre campus, rigorous academic preparation, stimulating physical activities, and rich opportunities in the fine arts; boarding optional

St. Theresa's Catholic School
Address 4311 Small Drive Austin, TX 78731
Phone 451-7105
FAX 451-8808
Grades PreK-8
Approximate Tuition 4,150/4,975
Denomination Catholic
Approximate Enrollment 311
Opening Year 1986

Strickland Christian School
Address 7415 Manchaca Road PO Box 150413 Austin, TX 78715-0413
Phone 447-1447
FAX 447-6225
Grades PreK-8
Approximate Tuition 2450/3000
Denomination None
Approximate Enrollment 240
Opening Year 1961

Summit Christian Academy -Cedar Park
Address 2121 Cypress Creek Rd Cedar Park,TX 78613
Phone 250-1369
FAX 257-1851
Grades PreK-12th
Approximate Tuition 3945-5865
Denomination Non-denominational
Approximate Enrollment 319
Opening Year 2003
Special Features ACSI Accredited; see below, transportation provided from the Leander campus and from Shoreline updated 10/07 Christian School

Summit Christian Academy- Leander
Address 1303 Leander Drive Leander, TX 78641
Phone 259-4416
FAX 259-0814
Grades PreK - 6th
Approximate Tuition 3945-5275
Approximate Enrollment 137
Opening Year 2003
Special Features ACSI Accredited Summit partners with families to prepare students for all aspects of life including rigorous academics, training in biblical character, and engagement in servanthood

Texas Empowerment Academy
Phone 512-494-1076
Grades 4-9
Charter School
Approximate Enrollment 110

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (State School)
Address 1100 W. 45th Street Austin, TX 78756
Phone 454-8631 A
pproximate Tuition no cost
Special Features serves students who are blind, deaf-blind, or visually impaired, as a special public school in the continuum of statewide placements for students who have a visual impairment

Texas School for the Deaf (State School)
Address 1102 South Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704
Phone 440-5300
Grades K-12
Approximate Tuition no cost
Denomination Non-denominational


Town & Country Montessori
Address 3801 Keats Drive Austin, TX 78704
Phone 442-2434
Grades PreK-1
Denomination None

Trinity Episcopal School
Address 3901 Bee Cave Road Austin 78746
Phone 472-9525
Fax 472-2337
Grades K-8
Denomination Episcopal
Approximate Enrollment 378
Opening Year 1999
Special Features 15-acre campus, enriched and challenging curriculum, daily chapel services, students are engaged spiritually, physically, intellectually, and academically, we maintain a diverse community, and a strong partnership with our families.

True Vine Christian Center
Address 202 Northwest Drive Round Rock, TX 78664
Phone 828-0254
Grades K-5
Approximate Tuition 4100
Denomination Non-denominational
Approximate Enrollment Opening Year

Twin Lakes Christian School (formerly Hilltop)
Address 1150 S. Bell Blvd. Cedar Park, TX 78613
Phone 258-0080
FAX 258-2122
Grades K4-12
Approximate Tuition 3600/3970
Denomination Baptist
Approximate Enrollment 175
Opening Year 1982

Veritas Academy
Address: 4220 Monterey Oaks Blvd P.O. Box 50917 Austin, TX 78709
Phone: 891-1673
Fax: 697-0033
Grades: K-6
Approximate Tuition: $2600/4600
Denomination: Christian, Non-denominational
Approximate Enrollment: 200
Opening Year: 2005
Special Features: university-model school students attend classes 2-3 days per week and follow instructor prepared lesson plans at home on the alternate days, classical, college
prep curricula, Christian worldview

Victory Christian Center School
Address 7625 N IH 35 Austin 78752
Phone 458-9100
FAX 458-8682
Approximate Tuition $350.00 per month
Denomination Christian
Opening Year 2001
Special Features: Language, music, sports, before and after school
program, art, low ratios individualized curriculum, YES-Accelerated