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Real estate transactions are all about relationships. They are all about trust. So if you want to know a bit more about the person you'd be working with when you choose Celeste, this page is for you.

Celeste Messer is the owner/broker of ADKOR Realty. In breaking out on her own and establishing ADKOR (which stands for "A Different Kind of Realty") Celeste made the conscious decision to create a small 'boutique' type brokerage environment. The office currently is made up of two agents, an escrow manager, and a couple of part-time assistants.

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Education, Certifications and Corporate background

  • Bachelors Degree Marketing - Purdue University
  • MBA - Indiana University.
  • 24+ years in Fortune 500 company before going into Real Estate
  • Top Real Estate certifications earned: GRI, CRS, Eco Broker, ABR, e-PRO (more details available on request as to certifications requirements)

Professionalism, honesty and integrity are the hallmarks of our business.

What does this mean for you?

  • We know you're busy and we respect your time. Set an appointment and we'll be there.
  • When we say something can be done…you can count on it.
  • We don't try to snow people or hide information. We're all about disclosure.
  • We're not in it for any given transaction we're in it for the long haul…the lifelong relationships.

Ultimately when you buy or sell Austin Real Estate it comes down to your decision, what's right for you. Our goal is to make sure you have enough information to make a decision you can be happy with down the road. When you choose Celeste and her team to help you buy or sell your Austin area home you can count on responsive, quality, comprehensive and personalized service.

Use of Technology:

To ensure top notch and responsive service, Celeste has earned the elite EPRO designation, a top distinction in her profession reserved only for those Realtors® willing to step up and learn about the opportunities and marketing capabilities of the Internet as well as other technologies. The internet is a critical part of our marketing strategy.

Personal touch:

Celeste will keep you informed. Her personable, Midwestern down-to-earth style and sense of humor continue to earn her high marks and respect. Bottom line… if you have questions about Austin or San Marcos area Real Estate, or you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Austin or San Marcos area call or email Celeste today!

More information about Celeste:

This section is not for everyone. There are well over 10000 Real Estate Agents in the Austin and San Marcos areas so we know you have a lot of choices. Since we believe a Real Estate Transaction is based on relationships we feel it is important for you to fan a Real Estate Agent that's right for you. One you are comfortable with and can trust.

So if you went through the website and found this section it is likely that you are looking for a different type of information about Celeste and her team. You might be wanting to get "beyond" the corporate experience, College Degrees and Real Estate designations. You may be wanting to know "who is this person named Celeste"…and more importantly would you like to work with her. So here's a bit more info non Real Estate info about Celeste and her philosophy, hobbies etc.


Celeste is the mother of four daughters ranging from 34 to 23; Ashley, Alayna, Adriana and Audrey and the grandmother of little Cessy who isn't so little any more...she's 16...Yikes!


Between Real Estate and family, Celeste finds her life is pretty well packed. However in the past few years she's begun to focus on herself. In Fall of 2015 Celeste and her third daughter (she has four) went to Europe and made the 500 mile walk across Northern Spain called the Camino de Santiago. It was a grueling walk that tested her physical stamina to the max. (She admits it wasn't grueling for everyone, but since she wasn't in the best of shape it was tough for her.) She also recently went back to her love of writing. Real Estate still is her priority but at 4am most mornings you'll find her working on her Youtube channel or writing her fiction books.

Personality type:

Celeste is easy to get along with and has a style that would be considered informal. After 20+ years in corporate positions where she was required to wear a suit to the office, Celeste enjoys the informality of Austin and prefers to dress along the lines of jeans and a sweater. Growing up in the Midwest in a family of seven, Celeste has a strong work ethic and a quick wit.

Interesting experiences:

Generally Celeste describes her life as pretty typical of other working moms. However she's had a few unusual experiences. One would be that she was on "Oprah" several years back…and was the 'victim' of a Saturday Night Parody because of the events of the night. She was a part of the book club show where they had dinner at Oprah's home with the author Toni Morrison. Interesting experience for many reasons, if you're curious you might to ask her about it.Another highlight for Celeste was a trip she took to the Bahamas several years ago to swim with the wild dolphins. At one point during her weeklong outing water Celeste is sure she saw a ghost…weird but so real. But it was the moment she found herself surrounded by dolphins including one baby that swam below that she describes as nothing short of "magical".Celeste also enjoyed living in Venezuela for four years. She felt the lesson she learned was how much she took for granted. She truly does appreciate what living in the states means.

Things most people don't know about Celeste:

Before getting into Real Estate (but after her years in the corporate world) Celeste took some time off to write. While she's written a ˜ton' of stuff she did finish several books. One is a nonfiction book titled "Follow your dreams: Before your life becomes a nightmare". Another project was a series of children chapter books called "The Adventures of Andi O'Malley". More recently she wrote a series of four books called Patrick's Garden. Each of the books in the series focuses on one of the four daughters. Another recent addition is Christmas at Quiet Castle. All are available on and several are on Audible. 

As you can see Celeste is a woman of many talents. She describes writing as her passion...her Purple. It's where she can work through her thoughts and emotions so when the clients call she's ready to hit the roll. You'll be able to follow her journey to "Finding her Purple" on her YouTube Channel Find Your Purple that is rolling out Summer 2016.

Living with an "Attitude of Gratitude":

And finally Celeste believes in the power of positive thinking and that when you keep a positive attitude and visualize the outcome you want…it's no accident that things seem to work out for the best. She also believes in living with an "Attitude of Gratitude" as described in the popular book/video "The Secret". Life is too short not to be grateful for what you have. So with that in mind we'd like to thank you for considering Adkor the next time you are looking for a Real Estate agent (and be sure to recommend us to a friend or family member needing the same…we REALLY do appreciate it!)


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